Essential Oil Box – Wooden Storage Case With Handle

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Essential Oil Box – Wooden Storage Case With Handle.


Holds 75 Bottles & Roller Balls. 3 Tier Space Saver. Large Organizer Best For Keeping Your Oils Safe. Free EO Labels 

About the product Essential Oil Box


  • 🌿 A NATURAL HEALER’S DREAM MEDICINE CABINET-IN-A-BOX! We understand how passionate you are about providing natural and alternative healing methods for your friends and family. We are so excited to introduce to the best storage box on the market! You will adore the 3 tier drawer with individual oil compartments, to neatly and safely store all your favorite oils in one beautiful and convenient location.


  • 🌿 PROTECTS YOUR PRECIOUS ESSENTIAL OILS FROM DAMAGE… All natural apothecary healers understand that certified organic essential oils are a precious and expensive commodity. It’s extremely important to safely store your essential oils to preserve their healing properties. When you keep your oils neatly organized in our Earth’s Gift premium wooden boxes, you are protecting them from heat, light, moisture, and oxidation damage to maximize their efficacy!


  • 🌿 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ORGANIZER QUEENS.. Our high-end wooden box makes an ideal gift for essential oil lovers! It safely and beautifully organizes 75 bottles (5 to 15 mL bottles), and up to 10 mL roller bottles. Plus, you will also receive a FREE BONUS of essential oil labeling stickers with your purchase. Our high-end, wooden storage box works great to store doTERRA, Young Living, Plant Therapy, and other popular essential oil brands.


  • 🌿 A BEAUTIFUL BOX WORTH SHOWING OFF! Our Earth’s Gift Wood Storage Box Case is made with excellent craftsmanship and an elegant design, so you can proudly display it anywhere in your home. The gorgeous front panel is easily removed to reveal 3 large storage drawers. Plus, our premium box also includes a beautiful handle to easily transport your oils with you to events, home presentations, and appointments. Just be prepared for all the compliments you receive!


  • 🌿 ENJOY OUR LIFETIME “TOP QUALITY GUARANTEE”— Here at Earth’s Gift, we believe in doing things the right way. We are trusted by thousands of amazing customers, who rely on us for our world-class quality storage boxes and exceptional customer support. If you don’t absolutely love our wooden storage box, we will provide you with a full refund. You can feel completely confident clicking the yellow “Add to Cart” button today!


Essential Oil Box – Wooden Storage Case With Handle


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